Lead an organisational revolution by changing mindsets and behaviours, team by team.


I would not hesitate to recommend the team. The support they provided with our culture change programme was invaluable, balancing creativity, agility and thinking differently with a methodical approach.


Engineering Director, Scottish Power



If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

  • "We need to shed legacy ways of working" 
  • "We want our people to be agile, self-directed problem-solvers"
  • "We need to nurture a culture of innovation"
  • "We need to bring our people with us on the change journey"


Change, accelerated in one quarter.

Show teams modern ways of working and witness the end of burnout (and the beginning of a confident, creative culture). Our process kickstarts a safe-to-experiment culture by helping teams gather the right evidence to back up their audacious ideas.



How it works.


We'll help you set an inspiring mandate. 

You know those big strategic blockers that make the vision intimidating? That's what your teams are going to work on. We'll get them fired up to make a dent on the company's trajectory. 


We'll guide your teams to their first win. 

We'll help your teams navigate complexity (and the change curve), using experiments to 'learn by doing'. With smart toolkits and expert support, they'll get to tangible results they're proud to call their own. 


We'll help you kickstart a culture of confidence. 

Teams will leave the programme with belief in the 'new way of working', confidence to do it without us and an enthusiasm to spread new methods across the organisation. 


It all starts with a conversation.

Revolution is designed with your team, for your business. We customise proven approaches for your unique ambition.


Why our customers choose us.

World-class experts with you at every step. 

Only A-team players with world-class academic or commercial expertise, working directly with you on your project. 

Modern methods that inspire action. 

Cut through complexity and drive practical action with trusted toolkits, handpicked for you by leading Change Experts.

Empowered teams that leave work proud.

We leverage your teams' expertise to unlock solutions they believe in and results they're proud to call their own.


Outcomes we're proud to share.

Working with Sprint Valley enabled us to use their expertise to start out and build our skills and confidence (and as it turns out passion) for techniques like; gaining client insight, design thinking, group engagement and facilitation, so we could ultimately take on what we have learnt and continue to deliver results, now on our own. Jo Owen CIO, Cripps Pemberton Greenish
Working with the team is a delight. The entire experience was a great learning process with quantifiable business outcomes and ROI. I would strongly recommend the team. Saurabh Kalra Chief Operations Officer, McDonald's India
Inspirational, insightful, challenging, passionate, professional, engaging, creative, innovative, impactful, positive energy, transformational, deliver great outcomes are some of the words we would all like to describe our business partners. With Sprint Valley we get that and so much more. The team have a captivating manner and a challenging style which prompts you to look inward to identify (and implement) areas of improvement. The authenticity of Sprint Valley shines through in every interaction and they have the ability to energise a room and deliver material increases in revenue. Anthony O-Keeffe CEO, Bristow & Sutor Group
I can highly recommend Sprint Valley as an outstanding partner that supports your organisation to transform the mindset of employees towards an innovation and creative culture - building high engagement and business outcomes through their highly professional and collaborative approach. Gary Hazel VP Learning & Development, Injazat
I think this is just the beginning. We really want to convert Injazat into real design thinking, and innovation native organization. For the first time I'm see Injazat's own employees speaking that language, talking in this new way. Ussama Dahabiyeh CEO, Injazat
The level of preparation was exceptional and their techniques truly unlocked the potential of participants. I can highly recommend Sprint Valley as an outstanding partner to any organisation focused on innovation and talent development. Pawel Luberadzki Development Director, Nike EMEA


It all starts with a conversation.

Revolution is designed with your team, for your business. We customise proven approaches for your unique ambition.

Getting 3,000 employees to 'own' innovation.

Energy giants like Scottish Power have huge workforces with an ambitious mandate for change. The question is: how do you harness everyone's expertise, anywhere, anytime?