Podcast Series

Meet the makers behind the magic

In this podcast series, Sprint Valley’s global team of subject matter experts share their unique perspectives on how to drive meaningful change.

Meet Maaike Mintjes

Researcher, facilitator, trainer and coach. 
In this episode, Maaike shares her view on:

  • Facilitating employee-led change
  • The best tools for team collaboration
  • Uniting research, insight & collaboration
  • Using research to drive change

Meet Dr. Nobulali Dangazele

Researcher, academic, advisor, producer and actress.
In this episode, Nobulali shares about:

  • Applying tools from drama to research
  • Using research to better understand your customers (and one another)
  • The role of research in organisational change
  • Growth Research at Sprint Valley

Meet Peter-Paul Oldenzeel

Systems engineer, innovation consultant, start-up founder.
Peter-Paul shares about:

  • Understanding strategy
  • Balancing internal and external forces
  • Articulating strategic trade-offs 
  • Collaborative Strategy services at Sprint Valley

Meet Amy Jones

Behavioural designer, nudge master and researcher.
In this episode, Amy shares:

  • Behaviourial tricks you can apply today
  • Case studies of nudging in action
  • How to test meaningful interventions
  • How Behavioural Design works at Sprint Valley

Meet Jelle Plass

UX designer, start-up founder and master workshopper
Jelle shares his take on:

  • The importance of product strategy
  • The power of cocreation and facilitation
  • How to align teams & set roadmaps with design sprints
  • How Product Strategy works at Sprint Valley


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