Research Kit

The Ultimate Market Research Template

Establish a clear research plan

Define what success looks like and create a framework to achieve your vision.

Turn research into a team sport

Use structured planning tools to bring diverse perspectives into the room.

Gather actionable insights

A well-structured plan will give you what you need to lead to meaningful change.

Meet the Research Kit

Great research starts here.

The Ultimate Research Kit brings you the best of Sprint Valley's research planning tools so you can craft a plan effortlessly, conquering your goals before your midday break.

What you get

Change the conversation with a robust research plan.

This self-guided research template will help you and your team align on a vision, define the audience and methods, agree on research outputs, identify additional support needed and get started on a plan of action.


Make research planning the easiest part of your day.

The kit can be used solo or with a team and comes with step-by-step instructions, ready-make miro templates, links to resources and a custom Spotify soundtrack. Ready for an in-person or remote session.


Discover our award-winning method.

Our unconventional research techniques reveal growth opportunities your competitors can't see.