The Strategy Mini Sprint

A free, 90-minute team workshop

Identify big opportunities.

Rally your team to explore your biggest, unchartered opportunities

Define a vision, together.

Align on what is most important to take action on first.

Get an expert, outside perspective

Meet a senior partner at Sprint Valley. (There's no obligation to work with us after the session.)


Free, 90-minute session

The aim is simple: We energise your work while you experience how we work.

You'll join a private online session with your team and a Sprint Valley partner. We'll facilitate a series of fast-paced, interactive activities designed to level the playing field and give everyone a chance to contribute.


One key question

We'll work to answer one key question: What challenges do we need to overcome to build the future business?

On the way, we'll look at:

  • Where do we see the business in 2 years?
  • What's holding us back from getting there?
  • Where should we begin?


Energise your work

We often hear this session has inspired:

  • A new perspective on your biggest challenges
  • Team alignment on your biggest opportunities
  • A fresh approach to online collaboration

"Change the ways you have always done things, disrupt your thinking and see things from a different angle in order to unblock issues you might have lived with for a long time!"

- Emily Tuff, Senior Tranformation Manager, National Grid