Meeting Kit

The ultimate team meeting

Discover a new way to collaborate.

Re-invigorate your next meeting with a new set of tools to bring teams together.

Lead with a truly inclusive approach

Make everyone's voice heard without the loudest voice dominating.

Learn in-demand collaboration skills

Learn how to help your team make progress, and enjoy the process.

Meet SpringBoard

Show your team what great collaboration looks like.

Loved by thousands of leaders globally, the ultimate team meeting kit will help you get your team from challenge to action plan in 90 minutes or less.

What you get

Inspire your team with a truly inclusive approach.

Over this 90 minute mini-workshop, you'll help your team set a vision, define blockers, generate solutions, prioritise your best options and agree on your plan of action.


Surprise yourself with new leadership skills.

The kit comes with a ready made agenda, facilitator notes, preparation checklist and a custom Spotify soundtrack. Ready for an in-person or remote session.