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Chief Executive Officer, Bristow & Sutor Group

Company Profile

  • Private-Equity owned financial services group 
  • Transitioning to new operating model
  • 600 employees across 3 UK offices
  • Worked with: Board, Operations, HR

Client Challenge

  • Door-to-door debt specialist managing +250,000 cases per annum
  • Dangerous, hostile sales environment for lone workers
  • Disengaged field team of 200+, working as solo contributors
  • Competitor pressure creating risk to client’s major contract  

Our Approach

  • Video-based analysis of field sales team using bodycam footage  
  • Codified ‘high income techniques’ of top performers 
  • Developed training materials to drive adoption of best practice  
  • Established learning community to diffuse learnings across teams
  • Measurement programme to track and optimise results


  • Average sale value increased by 10%
  • Sales closed on the first visit increased by 17%
  • Supported record months that led to growth of major contract
  • Team acting as ‘one team’ with gains in engagement and retention
  • Winner "Best L&D Programme" industry award

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Managing Partner (UK)

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