How do you help teams close the performance gap?

Their work enabled the most effective launch of Flyt services in the UK. The week one mobile transactions were 300% higher than comparable launch activities, and transactions continue to perform strongly.”


Chief Operating Officer, Flyt


How do we change an entrenched cultural habit? 

We all know the routine. You finish your meal, wave down the waiter, they bring the bill, and you pay. Flyt's new mobile payment system allows you to pay from your phone whenever you're ready. No need to ask the waiter for the bill—just pay by app and head off. But how do we get customers on board? 


Re-imagining the payment experience.  

We used Momentum, our approach to partnered projects to identify the behavioural barriers we needed to overcome to drive adoption across 1,700 restaurants.


Designing new customer behaviours. 

  • We carried out an ethnography study and customer interviews across
    80 locations
  • We identified points of the experience that best predicted the chance
    of adoption
  • We developed a range of recommendations covering process, in-store experience, staff engagement, value proposition and POS 
  • We collated benchmarks to allow restaurant managers to access best practice examples 
  • We delivered manager-customised briefings to accelerate implementation of recommendations and drive commercial outcomes
  • We identified and designed 20 in-restaurant nudges to drive
    mobile payments


Client outcomes

Recommendations were rolled out in 1,700 locations across the UK following the pilot 

The programme delivered a 10x uplift in adoption of the new payment method, shifting the behaviour of hundreds of thousands of customers annually  

The programme contributed to Flyt's £25m valuation ahead of their sale to Just Eat in January 2019 

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