How do you empower teams to be more inventive?

The level of preparation was exceptional and their techniques truly unlocked the potential of participants. I can highly recommend Sprint Valley as an outstanding partner to any organisation focused on innovation and talent development.


Director of Marketplace Development, Nike


How do you kick-start a culture of innovation? 

When Nike reached out to us, their challenge was creating a major global impact through their 10 year global strategy. They knew that in order to reach their audacious goal, they would need to equip their rising star managers across Europe, Israel, South Africa, Turkey and Moscow with a whole set of new skills. They also knew that getting started is often the hardest part of all.


Re-imagining innovation behaviours

We used Revolution, our transformational programme for organizations, to help rising star talent harness the innovation tools that underpin Nike’s 10 year strategic vision.


Building innovation confidence

  • We started by profiling individuals involved and helping Nike design 5 cognitively diverse innovation teams 
  • We delivered 3 weeks of remote coaching to global teams, helping them conduct user research and frame a problem to solve
  • We brought teams together for a two day hackathon at Nike's European
    HQ in Hilversum 
  • We facilitated a design spring where teams prototyped new services to drive sports participation and tested them with real users
  • We gave teams just 3 hours to prepare to pitch their ideas to a Dragon's Den of Nike senior leaders 


Client outcomes

30 innovation champions from 6 cities were trained in just
3 weeks 

40% of teams had their innovation project backed by Nike's Senior Leadership team 

The programme was one of their highest rated training experiences of 2019

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